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Vinbrite Wine Filter

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(FLT110) This is a gravity feed system that is perfect for filtering 1 or 2 gallons at a time. Just put a pad in place, snap the unit together, start a siphon into the top of unit and it does the rest. Comes with siphoning hose, six filter pads, hose clamp, and complete directions. Each filter pad is sufficient for filtering up to 2 gallons of wine. If you are filtering larger patches of wine, see either our Pressurized Filtering System or our SuperJet Filter System.

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Q Joseph (Wicklisse, KY)
Can you tell me what size the tubing is on the Vinebrite Filter System?
This wine filtering system comes with 5 1/2 feet of 1/4" inch vinyl siphon hose.

Q Dan (Galena, IL)
Is your Vinebrite filter a MK3 with the Crystalbrite pads?
Yes, the model is an MK3 and it will take the Crystalbrite pads.

Q Eric (Kansas City, MO)
I recently purchased a new Vinebrite Wine Filter. My new filter did not come with any fining agents. Didnt the kit used to come with fining agents? 
You are correct, the kit did come with fining agents. The manufacturer no longer includes these with the kits. The kit used to come with Super Enzyme which is the same as our Pectic Enzyme and Vinclear which is the same thing as our Liquid Isinglass. The pectic enzyme should be put in prior to fermentation to break down the pectin in the fruit and to prevent a pectin haze. The liquid isinglass should be put in about a week prior to filtering to drop out any suspended particles in the wine.
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