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Victory® Malt: Briess / 1 lb.

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[GN233] This malted barley is similar to Biscuit Malt. It has flavors of biscuit and bread, just like Biscuit Malt. What makes it different is that it does not have any raw, doughy flavors like Biscuit does. Victory® Malt also is a little more nutty than Biscuit Malt. Victory® Malt is also very aromatic. It waffs of warm, baking bread. The color it contributes to a beer is heavy golden to dark amber. Victory® Malt can be used in any beer recipe in small amounts to add complexity to the homebrew. It can also be used in larger amounts in darker home brews such as Nut Brown Ales, Porter, English Bitters, English Ales, and many others. Typical use in a 5 gallon all-grain mash would be 1/4 lb. for lighter beers, and up to 3 lbs. in heavier homebrews.
  • Grain Type: Roasted
  • Approximate Lovibonds: 25°
  • Origin: United States


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