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Top Shelf Liquer Bases

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(FLV650) These Liqueur Bases are used in conjunction with the Top Shelf Liqueur Flavorings to add the proper thickness, sweetness and creaminess when appropriate for the style. Each package is pre-measured. Use one bag of Liqueur Base for each bottle of flavoring. To know which Liqueur Bases you need see the list below.

Note: Some flavorings do not require a Liqueur Base of any kind. Those are notated by empty brackets [ ].

[ ] Absinthe
[C] Swiss Chocolate Almond
[C] Amaretto
[2] Ambrosia Cream
[1] Apple Schnapps
[B] Apricot Brandy
[2] Banana Cream
[1] Banana Schnapps
[1] Blackberry Schnapps
[ ] Bourbon
[ ] Kentucky Bourbon
[ ] Southern Smooth Bourbon
[ ] French Brandy
[1] Butterscotch Schnapps
[2] Butterscotch Cream
[2] Caranilla Cream
[C] Creme De Cacao
[C] Cafelua
[A] Candy Shots
[2] Cappuccino
[A] Cherry Brandy
[2] Chocolate Cream
[B] Coconut Rum
[A] Coffee Maria
[A] Blue Curacao
[A] Dictine
[ ] English Dry Gin
[B] Grande Paris
[A] Hazelnut
[1] Hot Cinnamon Schnapps
[2] Irish Cream
[ ] Irish Whiskey
[C] Italiano
[B] Macadamia Nut
[1] Mango Liqueur
[2] Marula
[1] Melon Liqueur
[A] Creme De Menthe
[A] Orange Brandy
[ ] Ouzo
[C] Parfait Amour
[1] Peach Schnapps
[1] Pear Schnapps
[2] Pina Colada
[1] Pinapple Schnapps
[C] Rum Liqueur
[ ] Aussie Gold Rum
[ ] Dark Rum
[ ] Jamaican Dark Rum
[ ] White Rum
[ ] Rye Whiskey
[A] Black Sambuca
[A] Red Sambuca
[B] White Sambuca
[B] Scotch Heather
[ ] Scotch Whiskey
[B] Skyebuie
[ ] Smokey Malt Wiskey
[ ] Southern Haze
[1] Strawberry Schnapps
[ ] Tequila
[B] Triple Sec
[ ] Dry Vermouth
[ ] Vodka
[ ] Citrus Vodka

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Q Mark (East Patchogue, NY)
I just made my first batch of cream based liqueur using your "Top Shelf" base "2" - in a word, FABULOUS! Do I need to refrigerate the finished product for long term storage? Please let me know.
You do not have to refrigerate it for long term storage because you are not using real cream. The alcohol content of the liqueur you have made will preserve it.



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