Red Star Wine Yeast

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Product Description

All 5 strains of wine yeast have been isolated from different parts of the world including California, Germany and France. These wine yeast are packaged in 5 gram sachets that are sufficient for making up to 6 gallons of wine. Browse our yeast strain profile chart for a more detailed description of each strain’s characteristics.

Choose from the following strains of wine yeast:

Premier Classique (formerly Montrachet): A neutral flavor active dry winery yeast. This wine yeast is used by many major wineries for making wines from fruits, berries, flowers, vegetables and grapes. This yeast settles firmly and has a good alcohol tolerance.

Premier Cuvee (formerly Prise de Mousse): This wine yeast is widely used in the commercial production of white wines and has a good alcohol tolerance. This wine yeast ferments to dryness and is also effective for re-starting a stuck fermentation.

Premier Blanc (formerly Pasteur Champagne): This wine yeast is used for charmat processed sparkling wines and is also helpful in re-starting a stuck fermentation. This wine yeast has a high alcohol tolerance and can be used for wines of all types. This product can also be used in producing old fashion soda pops for bottle conditioning.

Cote Des Blancs (formelry Epernay 2): This wine yeast is an excellent general purpose yeast for white wines, and it has a low foam production. This wine yeast can also be used for making blush wines and with orchard fruit wines.

Premier Rouge (formerly Red Pasteur): This wine yeast is ideally suited for full-bodied reds made from grapes or berries. This wine yeast will help to bring out fruity flavors and it adds a robust character to lighter bodied red wines.





Q Greyson (Brooklyn, NY)
My wife has a gluten allergy. Can you tell me if the Red Star yeasts are gluten free?
Yes, all of the Red Star yeasts are gluten free.