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Plastic Hydrometer Storage Case

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[HY910] If you`ve ever broken a perfectly good hydrometer you know how frustrating it can be--it`s money right down the drain. The fact is hydrometers never wear out. They`ll last for ever if they`re taken care of and kept safe. They just tend to be fragile and break, and you usually don`t discover your hydrometer is out of commission until the next time it`s need. How inconvenient. This Protective Hydrometer Storage Case will make certain that your hydrometer is always ready to use and not ready for the trash. It`s made of rugged, hard plastic and completely lined on the inside with soft foam, so your hydrometer will be evenly protected on all sides. It`s a great way to safely store your hydrometer between uses. Hydrometer is not included.


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