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Pelletized Hops: Hallertau / US / 1 oz.

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(HPP210) As one of the noble hops, This hop is the pride of Bavarian style beers. With its mild, clean, spicy, floral scent this hop is used in many of the German style beers; Pilsner, Bock, Wheat, Kolsch, Munich Helles just to name a few. Although mostly an aroma hop it can be used as a bittering hop with low IBU beer styles. Hallertau hops can be used as both kettle hop and also can be used for dry hopping. This is a great hop to use in a single hop beer as it has good bittering and aroma qualities.

  • Alpha Acid 4.2-5.8%
  • Mild to semi-strong aroma, versatile bittering and finishing
  • Great hop to use in single hopped beers


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Q James (White Oak, NC)
Are your pelletized hops compressed, leaf hops?
These are fresh leaf hops that have been shredded, cleaned of seeds, etc, then pulverized and compressed into the pellets. This is the most common way hops are processed and sold. More hop resin is extracted and exposed this way, which creates more efficiency. Pelletized hops also stay fresher longer in this form as well.

Q Russ (Palm Bay, FL)
How long will your hops stay fresh after I receive them and what is the best way to store them.
Our pelletized hops are sealed in oxygen-barrier plastic bags along with nitrogen gas. This keeps the hop pellets very stable and fresh while in storage. If the hop pellets are stored at room-temperature, we do not recommend buying more than you can use in a year`s time, but if stored in a refrigerator or similar, the hop pellets should stay fresh for up to two years if un-opened.
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