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Glycerine 99.5%

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ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: (FLV310) Use Glycerine in your wine to give it more body. Glycerine increases the wine`s mouth-feel giving it a fuller, more pleasant texture. Glycerine also smoothes over some of the harsh characteristics that are prevalent in most younger wines. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous syrup that has little noticeable flavor except for a slight sweetness. That makes it perfect for taking any wine and turning it into a big, macho red. Glycerine can also be used in cordials to enhance their body.

DIRECTIONS: Before adding Glycerine, the wine should be clear and moved off of any sediment into a clean container and ready to bottle. Add the Glycerine directly to the wine. It is important that the wine be stirred thoroughly to evenly disperse the Glycerine.

DOSAGE: Use between 1 and 3 tablespoons of Glycerine for each gallon of wine, or between 2 and 8 ounces of Glycerine for each 5 gallons of wine, depending on your taste. When adding to cordials, use 1 to 2 tablespoons per each quart.

MAXIMUM DOSAGE: Total dosage in wine should not exceed either 4 tablespoons for each gallon of wine or 10 ounces for each 5 gallons of wine.

EACH 4 FLUID OUNCE BOTTLE: is sufficient for treating up to 10 gallons of wine, depending on the dosage used.

INGREDIENT: 99.5% Glycerol Syrup (CAS: 56-81-5)

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Q Cynthia (Zelienople, PA)
At what stage of making wine is glycerin added to the wine?
Glycerine is added at bottling time (after the fermentation is complete and the wine is completely clear) to taste. When you are ready to add this product, siphon the wine into a clean and sanitized container, be sure to stir thoroughly.

Q Anthony (Hudson, FL)
Will Glycerine sweeten my wine or give it body? I think I want to add it for body, but I do not want to sweeten it.
The Glycerine will add body to the wine, it will not sweeten.

Q Fred (Escondido, CA)
The glycerine described in the previous newsletter which adds body to a wine, it the same over the counter glycerine which can be purchased at any pharmacy?
We are not sure if the glycerine sold at the pharmacy is food grade or not.

Q Hugh (Holy Cross, AK)
Is your glycerine vegetable based?
Yes, our glycerine is vegetable based.
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