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ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: GhosteX can be used in both wine and beer. It increases fermentation activity by aiding in the yeast' growth rate. The result is a stronger, healthier fermentation, with a cleaner flavor. GhosteX also helps to eliminate side-effects that are sometimes associated with over-worked yeast. For example, hydrogen sulfide levels will be lower. Adding GhosteX to your fermentation will also increase the yeast`s ability to ferment in higher concentrations of alcohol.

DIRECTIONS: Add GhosteX prior to fermentation by stirring directly into the must or wort until completely dissolved. When adding to a wine must, it is recommended that GhosteX be used in combination with either Yeast Nutrient or Yeast Energizer for best results.

DOSAGE: Use 1 teaspoon of Ghostex per each gallon of wine or beer at the beginning of fermentation.

EACH 3 OUNCE JAR: is sufficient for treating 30 gallons of wine or beer.

INGREDIENTS: Yeast hulls (Contains no additives).

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