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Connoisseur Wine Making Kit: White Bordeaux

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The California Connoisseur wine making kit has everything you need to make your first batch of homemade wine; this kit will yield 6 gallons in just 28 days! This home winemaking kit (KT130) is everything you will need to start making wine with our California Connoisseur ingredient kits, including your choice of California Connoisseur, 28 day, wine making juice. This Necessities Box contains some of our best items and equipment that you can use over and over again. Even better, the California Connoisseur Necessities Box comes with clear and concise directions that assume you know nothing about wine making. These directions will lead you every step of the way.

This Wine Making Kit Contains:

California Connoisseur White Bordeaux Concentrate for making 30 bottles of wine in just 28 days. Along with your prepackaged juice you will receive the following:

Complete Directions
Pkg. of Wine Yeast

Pkg. of Bentonite

Pkg. of Potassium Metabisulphite

Pkg. of Potassium Sorbate

Pkg. of Fining Agents

And, dried oak, berries or herbs when appropriate to the style you select.

The California Connoisseur Necessities Box Also Comes with:

1 - 9 Gal. Tuff-Tank with Rubber Stopper

Plastic 6 Gal. Carboy with Rubber Stopper

2 - Air Locks

21" Curved Racking Tube
Racking Tube Clamp

Triple Scale Hydrometer

Hydrometer Jar With Base

Vinyl Racking Hose

24 Inch Stirring Spoon

Wine Bottle Brush

5 oz. CleanPro SDH Cleaner

50 Heat-Shrink Capsules

30 Mushroom Style Corks 

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Q Richard (Whitwell, TN)
Does your kit include a carboy?
Yes, it comes with a 6 gallon plastic carboy as well as the rubber stopper and air-lock to seal it air-tight. The carboy is made out of the same plastic used to make 2 liter soda pop bottles.

Q Dave (Macungie, PA)
Does this kit come with a corker?
No, it does not come with a corker. The kit comes with mushroom corks that can be put in by hand.

Q Steve (Trinidad, CO)
Can I use any of the SunCal juices with the California Connoisseur Kit?
You can use the SunCal juice with the equipment that comes in the California Connoisseur Kit for the primary fermentation (the first 5-7 days). After the first racking, you would need to put the SunCal in a smaller container, a 5 gallon carboy or the 6 gallon screw top fermenter. The reason is that there would be too much head/air space in the 9 gallon tuff tanks that come in the California Connoisseur Necessities Box.

Q Jerry (Pottsboro, TX)
If I were to buy this kit, can I make wine (later on) using my own fruits?
You can use the equipment using your own fruit. You will have to purchase the ingredients separately because the kit only comes with enough ingredients for the one batch of California Connoisseur concentrate. You also may need a different secondary fermenter depending on the size of batches you make. The reason is that you do not want any head/air space in the container after the first racking.
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