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9 Gallon Tuff-Tank Vessel

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About this Product: (TT090) Our 9-gallon tuff tank vessel provides an easy and convenient way to handle any type of fermentation. This vessel comes with an air lock, which can be sealed up airtight. This makes it effective as both a primary or secondary fermenter. The Tuff-Tank Vessel also has a faucet, which can be used for both racking and bottling your wine. The faucet has been strategically elevated away from the very bottom so that you can easily transfer your wine or beer without transferring the sediment. Our 3/8” vinyl hose will fit over this faucet as well.

Space-Saving Shape: The unique square shape of this rugged container makes this vessel a great space saver. This vessel is ideal when floor space is in short supply. With the Tuff-Tank Vessel you can store many gallons in a little area.

Details: This vessel holds up to 9 gallons and can be used for making both wine and beer. The Tuff-Tank is made of food-grade, high-impact polymers and is completely food safe. This vessel is 12” high, 14” wide and 14” deep. An air lock is included so it can be used as either a primary or secondary fermenter and comes with a faucet for mess-free transferring or bottling.

Patented Design: These specially designed tanks have a patented, gliding-thread lid design, which also includes a gasket. This makes opening and closing the Tuff-Tank an insignificant task - No snapping, yanking or prying like some other containers require. Just a quick spin of the lid and rest assured your Tuff-Tank is sealed up airtight and ready for fermentation.

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Q Teddi (Cheyenne, WY)
How warm can the liquid be in your tuff tank?
The tuff tank can withstand liquids with temperatures up to 140 degrees F.
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