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#8 Straight Corks | Superior-Grade | 1000 Count

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(STR815) These corks are 7/8 inches in diameter and 1-1/2 inches long and are chamfered on both ends for easier insertion. These corks will fit a standard fifth size wine bottle that has a cork finish or has a 3/4 inch opening. This is the size we recommend when using when using a funnel shaped plunging type corker.

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Q Drake (Fort Collins,CO)
I just received these corks and they are different from the picture shown. They have the words “Mis en bouteille dans nos caves” printed on them. Can you tell me what that says?
Depending on availability, the printing on the corks may differ from the picture shown. The words “Mis en bouteille dans nos caves” are French and they mean “Bottled in our cellars”.
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