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13 Gallon French Oak Barrel

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(BL115) "You'll never find a nicer barrel". Tonnelleries Allary is a world known French producer of oak barrels. They supply some of the leading wineries in the Bordeaux and Cognac regions of France. Their hand-crafted barrels are known the world over for their superior quality and velvety aging characteristics.

Only hand-selected, Limousine Oak is used, a wood found in the central forests of France. Limousine Oak is known for its superior, sweet flavor and is in high demand among the French cooperages. The Oak is split, cross-stacked and air-dried for a minimum of 36 months. The wood is then crafted into barrels in the classic French tradition. Staves are hand planed, never sawed. This reduces the release of bitter tannins into the wine from open wood grains. Also, the finished barrel is medium toasted on the inside over an oak wood flame which will help the wine to mature at a faster pace. The result is a barrel with the craftsmanship and quality that can truly raise your wines to higher level of finesse.

Q Belinda (Casscoe, AR)
I would like to get a replacement bung for my 13 gallon barrel. Which size bung does it take?
The 13 gallon barrel takes our medium size hardwood bung

Q Donovan (Hockessin, DE)
I need the dimensions of this barrel please.
The 13 gallon barrel is 17 inches in diameter by 24 inches high.
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