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Your Fruit! Wine Making Kit

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Your Fruit! Wine Making Kit comes with everything you need to make your own wine at home besides the fruit.

Your Fruit! (KT310) is ideal for someone who has the fruit but doesn’t know where to start. This wine making kit has all of the supplies you need to make just about any type of fruit wine imaginable in 5 gallon batches. This kit includes a fermenting container, straining bag, corks and basic wine making ingredients along with two wine recipe books containing over hundreds of recipes.

This kit is a great value for the winemaker just beginning to learn. You save over $50 by purchasing these items as a full kit!

This Wine Making Kit Contains:
First Steps In Winemaking Book
Winemaker`s Recipe Handbook
6 Gal. Screw-Top Poly-Fermenter
Fermentation Bag
Triple Scale Hydrometer
Siphoning Hose
5 Pkgs. Wine Yeast (5 batches)
1 oz. Pectic Enzyme (7 batches)
6 oz. Acid Blend (7 batches)
6 oz. Yeast Nutrient (7 batches)
4 oz. Yeast Energizer (7 batches)
2 oz. Wine Tannin (7 batches)
100 Campden Tablets (7 batches)
8 oz. Basic A: No-Rinse Cleanser (10 gals. Of Solution)
30 Mushroom Corks (1 batch)
50 Heat Shrink Capsules (2 batches)

To add the fruit flavor to your wine check out our wine making juices or our acid blends. View our other beginner wine making kits.

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Q Susan (Snoqualmie, WA)
We are interested in buying the Your Fruit Necesities Kit. However, we have a question. We are using raspberries and your recipe listed on the website calls for using ICV D47 Yeast. Can we select the type of yeast that comes in the kit?
Unfortunately it is not an option to select the type of yeast that comes in this wine making kit. The kit comes with Red Star Montrachet, which is an all purpose wine yeast that can be used on any type of wine.

Q Jo Ann (Newberry Springs, CA)
Does this kit include the bottles?
No, this wine making kit does not come with bottles. You may either recycle wine bottles you already have or you may purchase new bottles.

Q Mike (Beavercreek, OR)
When purchasing this starter kit "everything you need except fruit", will it be a complete kit? Do I need to buy any additional items such as Glass or plastic 5 gallon jug?
It is not necessary, but it is helpful. Throughout the wine making process, you will be racking the wine. Racking the wine is transferring it from one container to another and leaving the sediment behind. If you do not have another fermenter, you will have to put the wine in something while you clean and sanitize your container. You then would put the wine back into the fermenter that comes in the kit. Also, your wine will be dry when it is finished. If you want your wine to be sweet, you may add Wine Stabilizer (Potassium Sorbate) to put in at bottling time and sweeten the wine to taste with your own sugar or honey. Adding this product will prevent a refermentation. Alternately, you can get our Wine Conditioner which is a liquid sweetener and stabilizer combined

Q Andy (Moody, AL)
I`m thinking of ordering this home wine making kit. What I want to know is can I also make wine with your precanned juice or do I have to have the "Sun Cal Necessities Box" or the "California Connoisseur Box? I have muscadines at my home but may want to make other kinds of wine also. I want a kit that will do it all.
You can use the ingredients that come in the Your Fruit Necessities box for our SunCal brand. If you use it with one of the box kits, for example California Connoisseur, you will have to cut back on the water by 1/2 gallon to allow for the foaming because they are 6 gallon kits. Once you do your first racking, you then can add the water back. Some people choose not to add the 1/2 gallon of water back.
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