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Wyeast Liquid Wine Yeast

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[WY640] These are liquid yeast strains that have been extracted from notable locations from around the world. Each heavy-foil pouch of yeast is adequate for starting a vigorous fermentation in up to 6 gallons of must. You can open the foil pouch and pitch the liquid yeast directly into the must, or you can pre-start the yeast within the foil pouch by bursting the nutrient smash-pack that is contained within. Each 125ml pouch comes with complete directions.

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Used in many white wines and selected red wines. Ferments crisp and dry and is low foaming. Settles out quickly and firmly.

Ideal for red wines where early maturing is desired. Effective in adding a fruitiness to heavier red wines. Low foaming, low sulfur production.

[3184] SWEET MEAD:
Leaves 2-3% residual sugar in most meads. Rich, fruity profile complements fruit-mead fermentation. Also, a good choice for cider and country wines.

[3632] DRY MEAD:
Very low foaming with little or no sulfur production. Suitable for herbal meads, fruit meads or dry ciders. Ferments to complete dryness.

[3242] CHABLIS:
Produces a soft, fruity to vanilla character. Good choice for lighter fruit wines such as Peach or delicate white wines such as Chardonnay.

[3267] BORDEAUX:
Good choice for higher alcohol wines. Produces an intense berry to jam flavor, and a dry, ginger aroma. Good choice for heavy berry and grape wines.

[3347] EAU DE VIE:
A very good choice for producing high alcohol wines. Also, effective in rescuing stuck fermentations. Very clean flavor and aroma.

[3766] CIDER:
Crisp, dry fermenting yeast with a bold, fruity finish. Effective in creating balance in most all stone fruit wines including apple, pear, apricot and peach.

[3767] PORT WINE:
Creates a mild toasty-vanilla aroma and deep, rich characters in a wine. Ferments to dryness. Can also be used in heavy red wines with higher sugar content.

Very hard fermenting yeast. Good choice for fruitier red wines or full-bodied berry wines. Can also be used for re-starting stuck fermentations.

[3244] CHIANTI:
Rich, very big, bold well-rounded profile. Nice soft fruit character with dry, crisp finish. Excellent choice for most all Italian grape varieties.

Produces a distinct Riesling character. Rich flavor, creamy, fruity profile with a nice dry finish and a hint of Riesling sweetness in the aftertaste.

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