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Wyeast Liquid Beer Yeast: German Ale / 1007

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(BY640-1007) The is a great strain of beer yeast when looking for a crisp flavor. The German Ale strain of ferments to complete dryness. It is clean tasting with very little ester or detectable diacetyl. For this reason, beers made from this strain of beer yeast tend to mature more quickly, than with many other yeast. The German Ale liquid beer yeast is an actual 'top cropping' strain which means the beer yeast will rise to the top at a certain point in the fermentation. This also helps to promote this beers clean, crisp character.

  • Flocculation: low
  • Attenuation: 73-77%
  • Temperature Range: 55-68° F (13-20° C)
  • Alcohol Tolerance: approximately 11% ABV

About Wyeast Beer Yeast:
These are "Direct Pitch Activators™" designed specifically for brewing beer at home. Each pouch contains 100% pure liquid beer yeast. Over 100 billion yeast cells are in each pouch. This is enough to easily ferment 5 gallons of homebrew. Also inside the pouch is an internal nutrient packet. This is the Wyeast Smack-Pack. By smacking and breaking open the nutrient pack within the pouch you are able to pre-start your beer yeast before adding it to your wort.
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