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Winery-Grade Floor-Corker

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    • The quality of this floor-corker is quite exceptional, and at a deceptively low price.
    • It's perfect for corking larger volumes of wine: 10, 50, 100 gallons is not no match for this corker. It works swiftly and quickly.
    • This floor-corker is engineered in a way that allows you to easily insert wine corks up to size #9.
    • Just drop the cork into the chamber. As you pull the lever down a iris mechanism begins to compress the diameter of the cork evenly from all directions.
    • This method of compression allows the cork to be inserted without getting mangled or disfigured.
    • Once you pull the handle all the way down, the cork is plunged into the barrel opening of the wine bottle. This is all done in one smooth, even action.
    • The wine bottle sits on a spring-loaded table. Just push down on the table with the bottom of the wine bottle to snap it into place.
    • Once you begin to pull the lever down, the spring-loaded table locks into place. This secures the wine bottle making it ready for corking.
    • Just pop the wine bottle into place; drop the cork in the chamber; pull down on the lever; and your done! It's that simple.
    • This floor-corker can accommodate bottles as short as 9.50 inches high and as tall as 14.25 inches.
    • In general, this means the corker has sufficient clearance to handle almost all 375ml, 750ml, 1 Liter, 1.5 Liter wine bottles.
    • There is a depth adjustment that allows you to control how far into the wine bottle the cork is being inserted.
    • The compressing iris is made of Delrin, an advanced material that is extremely durable and creates less friction and wear than many metals, including brass.
    • Ships fully-assembled, except for back leg crossbar.
    • Height: (with lever down) 30.50 inches.
    • Height: (with lever up) 45.50 inches.
    • Leg Width: 19.00 inches.
    • Leg Depth: 17.00 inches.

    • Made in Portugal.
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Mon - Fri: 8 AM - 5:30 PM CST
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