Wine Making With A Starter Kit

If you are just starting out, a wine making starter kit offers an easy way for you to get rolling. We offer three different wine making starter kits. Each comes with simple, easy-to-follow wine recipes and directions that eliminate all of the guess-work and can be easily understood by even the first-time winemaker. All three wine making starter kits have both all the home wine making equipment and home wine making ingredients you will need to make your first batch of wine. Complete and ready to go. By offering the wine making starter kits in this way all of the variables have been eliminated, so you have to work hard to make a mistake.

In short, these wine making starter kits provide you with an easy, painless way for you to start making wine at home...  Impressive wines with remarkable flavor, body and character, starting with your very first batch. And what's more, you can create these bottles of wine for a fraction of what they would cost you at the store, as little as $3.00 a bottle. Tremendous wines that are worthy of recognition by friends and family.

So, go right ahead and dive into the interesting and rewarding hobby of home wine making. By doing so you will be joining the thousands of happy people who make and enjoy their own wines everyday with pride.



We offer three different wine making starter kits because not all beginning winemakers are alike. Some may want to make wine from fruits grown right out of their own backyard. Others may want to make wine using concentrated wine juices. Each requires a slightly different set of home wine making ingredients and equipment. By offering these three wine making starter kits in this way, we are able to get you what you want for making wine the way you want.



Your Fruit! Wine Making Kit: your-fruit-wine-kit.png

As the name suggests this is a starter kit for someone wanting to make wine using their own fruits. It comes with all ingredients needed to cover 95% of the fruit wine recipes you'll run across. It also comes with the book First Steps In Wine Making and a Recipe Handbook that features 100 different recipes for making wine from various fruits.

SunCal Wine Making Kit: sun-cal-wine-kit.png

This starter kit provides everything you will need to start making wine using SunCal Vineyard concentrates. It comes with all the additional ingredients that are called for as well as all of the home wine making equipment you will need. SunCal Vineyards has been providing juices for the home winemaker for over 40 years and has a reputation of bringing quality wines to the table. A very economical way to get started.


Connoisseur Wine Making Kit: california-connoisseur-wine-kit.png

This home wine making starter kit has everything you will need to start making wine using concentrated ingredient kits. It is a very powerful kit in the sense that it will allow you to make wine using any one of our wine making ingredient kits, whether it be a Australian Shiraz by Atmosphere or Raspberry Merlot by Niagara Mist. For your first batch, it includes your choice of California Connoisseur Ingredient kit. If you're not sure which one to choose, we suggest the Cabernet Sauvignon as it is one of the most popular red wine kits we offer. After that it's whatever type of wine you can imagine from our selection of over 150 ingredient kits.

All of these wine making kits are available at a reduced introductory price. So it's a win-win situation. Not only do you get the home wine making equipment and ingredients you will need, put together in a way that leads you easily down the path to successful wine making, you also get it at a lower price.




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