Designing Your Own Wine

Designing Your Own Wine

By Ed Kraus

We have been getting a lot of positive feedback from customers who have been adding a can of County Fair Fruit Base to their grape wine recipes. These fruit bases can be added to any 5 or 6 gallon grape recipe whether from fresh grape or concentrate. But, these fruit bases seem to be working particularly well when used along with our line of SunCal grape concentrates.


Using SunCal Concentrates

sc201rg.jpgWe have been selling SunCal Concentrates for over 25 years now and have always been amazed at the outstanding quality they put into these cans, but after hearing about, and experiencing, some of the wines that have been created by simply adding a can of County Fair Fruit Base to the mix, we now realize that the out-standing can become spectacular. For more information about the SunCal Concentrates we offer, go to: SunCal Concentrates 

By adding one can of County Fair Fruit Base to any of the SunCal Concentrate recipes, you can create your own wine with its own unique character. For example, add a can of County Fair Strawberry fruit base to a SunCal White Zinfandel concentrate recipe to create a "Strawberry Zinfandel".


Using County Fair Fruit Bases

cf610rg.jpgThe County Fair Fruit Bases are wine variety fruits that have been crushed and reduced by simply taking a portion of the water out of them. They come in 46 fluid ounce cans and are originally designed to produce a 5 gallon batch of wine on their own by using either one, two or three cans based on the body you are wanting to achieve.


What Adjustments Need To Be Made?

The County Fair Fruit Bases are very easy to incorporate into an existing recipe because of their simplicity. They do not contain a tremendous amounts of natural sugars or fruit acids like some concentrates might have.

When adding one can of County Fair Fruit Base to a SunCal Concentrate recipes, you can follow the directions as provided on the side of the SunCal can, except for the following three adjustments:

  1. Reduce the amount of warm water called for by one can - from 13 to 12 cans.
  2. Reduce the amount of sugar called for by one pound from 6-1/2 pounds to only 5-1/2 pounds, and
  3. Reduce the Acid Blend called for from three ounces (which equals six tablespoons) to just four tablespoons.

By making these adjustments you can add the County Fair Fruit Base and still keep your wine recipe in balance.

NOTE: Ignore all of the directions on the County Fair Fruit Base can when using it with a can of SunCal Concentrate. These directions will have nothing to do with the process.

With the adjustments listed above, the recipe will now be as listed below. It does not matter what combination of SunCal and County Fair you use, the recipe will remain the same:

The processes is the same as before - nothing changes. Just follow the instructions on the side of the SunCal Concentrate can.


Time To Get Creative

Between the varieties we offer in both our County Fair and SunCal brands, there are mathematically 208 different combinations you could try, so your imagination is the real limitation here. Here are a few combinations that some of our customers have come up with for combinations. See one you like?


  • Blackberry | Merlot
  • Plum | Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Strawberry | White Zinfandel
  • Cherry | Pinot Noir
  • Raspberry | Burgundy
  • Peach | Chardonnay
  • Raspberry | Riesling (Makes A Rose)

But don't limit yourself to just these; see what you can come up with on your own. That's half the fun!

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Ed Kraus is a 3rd generation home brewer/winemaker and has been an owner of E. C. Kraus since 1999. He has been helping individuals make better wine and beer for over 25 years.