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Wine Conditioner

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E.C. Kraus’ wine conditioner (SGR310) reduces harshness in a finished wine by sweetening it to a desired finish. Turn a dry wine into a sweet wine or use just enough wine conditioner to take the dry edge off your wine. This conditioner will reduce any wine’s aging time by making it drinkable sooner. It is very convenient and easy to use and comes with complete directions.

Directions: Before adding conditioner to any wine verify with a hydrometer that its fermentation is complete. The wine should be clear and moved off of any sediment into a clean container and ready to bottle. Add the Wine Conditioner directly to the wine and don’t forget to stir thoroughly to evenly dispense the sugars.

Dosage: Wine Conditioner can be added at any dosage to personal taste but be careful not to add too much. You may want to take a measured sample of the wine and add measured amounts of Wine Conditioner to the sample to establish a dosage that is to your liking. This will eliminate any risk of over-sweetening the entire batch.

Minimum Dosage: If less than 2 ounces per gallon is used then also add Potassium Sorbate at the rate of ¼ teaspoon per gallon to eliminate any chance of re-fermentation.

Ingredients: Liquid invert sugars (fructose and glucose), potassium sorbate.

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Q Jeff (Rocky Hill, CT)
My question concerns the wine conditioner we just ordered from you. Do we have to wait any amount of time before bottling or can we bottle right away?
You can bottle the wine immediately after putting in this product. There is no need to wait.

Q Jim (Townsend, DE)
I have just purchased this wine sweetener. It says to add potassium sorbate if the amount of conditioner added is less than 2 oz. per gallon. Why do you need to add more potassium sorbate if it is already in the conditioner? If it needs to be added do you add it when you add the conditioner or do you add the potassium sorbate before the conditioner is added?
If you add less than 2 oz/gallon (or less than 1/3 of the bottle in 5 gallons), then there will not be enough potassium sorbate to prevent a refermentation. That is why you have to add it in addition to the potassium sorbate that is already in the wine conditioner. As for when you add it, it does not matter if you put it in before or after you put in the conditioner, it just needs to be added at the same time.

Q Bob (Bumpass, VA)
How much residual sugar will one of your 500ml bottles of wine conditioner add to 5 gallons of wine?
The specific gravity of this product is 1.396. In a five gallon batch of wine, it will increase the specific gravity by 9.9 points (for example, from 1.000 to 1.0099.

Q Tony (Staunton, IL)
By what period of time does this product cut down on aging? Is the glucose syrup in it, the same as simple syrup?
To get the full effects, you should let it sit in the bottle for 30 days. The Wine Conditioner is inverted sugar, a mixture of fructose and glucose.
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