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Wine Bottle Sealing Wax | 1 lb.

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(SW110) "Super Adhesion". Choose one of 7 different colors. Used to create an air-tight seal on corked wine bottles. Allows you to store bottles up-right or on their side. Just inset the cork a bit into the bottle and pour the melted wax into the space created. Or, dip the entire bottle tip into a pot of melted wax. Each bag is one pound and is sufficient for 40 to 150 bottles depending on how the wax is used.

Q Jason (Mercer Island, WA)
If you are going to wax seal your bottles what is the time period you should do that? I would think you would want your corks to dry out first? Am I correct or should you do it right after corking?
You do not need to wait any time after corking to add the sealing wax.

Q Joyce (Milledgeville, GA)
What is the difference in using candle wax as opposed to your sealing wax? Wouldn't the results be the same?
Actually, candle wax can crack. Our sealing wax has a different, more flexible consistency that molds to the form of the bottle better than candle wax will.

Q Ryan (Loveland, CO)
When melting the wax, is there a certain temperature that you should obtain?
The temperature that makes the sealing wax the thinnest, therefore best to use is 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
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