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Vintner's Harvest Premium Wine Yeast

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These premium wine yeast strains (WY310) have been cultivated specifically for wine making. Each wine yeast strain has its own unique flavor and fermenting characteristics. These are professional wine yeasts that are used by commercial wineries throughout Europe and other regions around the world. Each 8 gram packet of dried, granulated yeast is sufficient for fermenting up to 8 gallons of wine. They are simple to use; just tear open the package and sprinkle directly on top of the must.

Your Choices Include:

SN9: A very good all around strain. This is the best choice for high alcohol and fortified wines and is also excellent for most country wines, sweet sparkling wines and ciders.

CY17: Perfect for sweet white, blush and dessert wines that are made from both grape and country fruits and flowers.

CL23: Ideal for making crisp and dry, white and blush wines as well as sparkling wines. It’s also a good strain for making higher alcohol wines.

MA33: This wine yeast is an acid reducing strain. It is excellent for fruity white and blush country wines, especially where residual sugars are desired.

VR21: This is an exceptional strain for making fruity, full grape varietals or for making country-style red wines where good structure, balance and color is important.

R56: Ideally suited for rich, full-bodied red wines which also imparts exceptional flavor complexity within the wine.

CR51: This is perfect for lighter, fruity red wines that are intended for early consumption.

BV7: Ideal for both sweet and dry white wines while promoting full body and full flavor.

AW4: This is the only strain appropriate for producing Germanic aromatic white wines.

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