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Uni-Stat IIa Digital Temperature Controller | Plug Mounted

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This digital temperature controller can be used for both homebrewing or winemaking. It can be used to control kettle temperatures when mashing. And it can be used to control fermenter temperatures during fermentation. Also works great for controlling bottle storage temperatures. It's applications are endless. Use on heating elements, heat pads, refrigerators, air-conditioner units. Turn on and off power up to 13 amps.

The Uni-Stat III is a dual purpose digital temperature controller. This means the it can be used to either shut off the power when the temperature rises to a selected point, or it can be used to shut off the power when the temperature lowers to a selected point – one or the other with a flick of a switch. This makes it effective for controlling both heat sources and cooling sources that may be needed when winemaking or homebrewing.

Easy-to-follow, flexible settings. The target temperature can be set to anywhere between 32° – 220°F. Accurate with 1°. There is also a 50% duty cycle feature so that an appliance or burner doesn't stay on too long during any given application.

Come complete with everything you need. The Uni-Stat IIa digital temperature controller plugs directly into an outlet. The temperature sensor comes with an 8 foot cable and is replaceable with any 1/4 inch thermowell sensor.

Operation is simple. Plug the Uni-Stat IIa in to a wall-plug. Set the temperature. Plug the heating or cooling source into the plug of the Uni-Stat IIa. Put the temperature sensor into whatever needs controlling, whether it be you brewing mash or fermenting wine or beer. When sensor senses the target temperature, the power is shut off.

Backed by manufacturer. This dual digital temperature controller is of very high quality and made in the USA. Manufacturer backs up their product with 3 year warranty.



We’re asked occasionally what’s the difference between our controllers and some of those that can be purchased online at a lower cost?

The simple answer is that our products are ruggedly built in the USA to last for many years of service; thus our 3-Year Factory Warranty (5 years for the WINE-STAT, which has been in service since 1986), with prompt and personal service in the U.S. if ever needed (check our “Testimonials” page for our customer satisfaction). Our controllers are built using components that are rated for much tougher service than needed. For example, our power-switching relay is rated for 30 amps – more than twice for which we rate the maximum load! In addition, they are designed and programmed for simple, intuitive operation with “one-finger” external switch selections – no programming required!

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