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The Joy Of Home Winemaking

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[BKJ110] This home wine making book is brilliantly divided into three sections: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Not only does this arrangement make the book valuable to many, it makes it continually valuable as one progresses further into the hobby. The authors down-to-earth and often humorous writing style makes this wine making book a treat to read. It covers wine making topics that are both mainstream and on the fringe. Wines made from fresh grapes are covered along-side wine recipes for fruit wines, herb wines, honey wine (mead), sparkling wines and many, many others. Beyond this broad coverage of wines you can expect to learn a lot about how to ferment, rack, bottle and age your wines — all in simple jargon-free language. The book has many illustrations and can easily act as a reference guide when combined with the detailed index. If you are interested in getting a taste of all types of wines while learning how to make wines from grapes, grape juice and concentrates then this is your book. 288 pages.
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