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T-Corks: Natural | Black Top (30)

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These natural T-Corks are also known as: T-top corks, Bar Top Corks, Tasting Corks or Mushroom Corks. T-Corks can be put into wine bottles without a corker of any kind. The T-Corks fit tightly into a standard 750 mL wine bottle that has a cork finish or has a ¾ inch opening. A ribbed-plastic grip-top allows for easy insertion and removal of the T-Cork. All this adds up to one convenient wine cork. These natural T-Corks are high quality and come 30 per package.

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Q Kenneth (Dallas, TX)
I have mushroom corks on my wine bottles. Do I need to store my wine on its side or up right.
The wine bottles should be stored upright when using the mushroom corks. If they were placed on their side during storage, the wine would leak out around the cork. The only types of wine bottle corks that are supposed to be placed on their side, would be a cork that requires a cork inserter which will compress the cork, providing the bottle a leak proof seal.

Q Boyd (Fairfield, IA)
I bought your mushroom corks, can they be reused the next year?
Unfortunately, they are not reusable. Our Reusable Wine Bottle Stoppers may be used over and over again. Just simply wash and sanitize them after each use.

Q Mark (Sylvester, GA)
Can I use Mushrooms corks for long time storage in the wine bottles?
When using mushroom corks, the wine can be stored for 18 months. For long time storage you would want to use a cork that requires a cork inserter which will compress the cork, creating a tight seal.

Q Robert (Raton, NM)
Can the mushroom corks just be inserted into the wine bottles manually (no corker needed)?
That is correct. The mushroom corks are designed to be put in by hand. You just push them in and pull them out when your ready to consume your wine.

Q Nathan (Omaha, NE)
How should they be sanitized and should they be soaked in water before use to give a snug fit?
As with everything when it comes to wine, you must sanitize the wine bottle corks. You may do so by soaking the mushroom corks in a sulfite/campden tablet solution prior to bottling.

Q Amy (Sigel, IL)
When bottling using mushroom corks should I fill the bottle enough for the wine to touch the cork or leave a space? And what will happen if I don`t consume them before 18 months?
You should leave about 1-1.5" space between the mushroom cork and the wine. When using a wine bottle cork that can be inserted by hand, a wine may begin to spoil after 18 months.

Q Ryan (Canyon Country, CA)
Can I use a mushroom cork to bottle soda/root beer?
No, you cannot use mushroom corks. The carbonation will push them out. You need to use beer bottles and bottle caps.
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