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Sure-Seal 6.5 Gallon Fermenter Bucket

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[PF130] This is the ultimate fermenter bucket. It comes with a lid, spigot, handle, airlock, and stopper. It holds 6.5 gallons to the brim, and can serve as both a primary fermenter and a secondary fermenter. The Sure-Seal Fermenter Bucket works equally well for fermenting wine or beer. Makes a great brewing bucket. It's made of food-grade, high-impact polymers that will last for many years.

Screw-On Lid: Seals With One Finger
What really makes the fermenter bucket so special is it's seal. It's a screw-on lid with smooth, coarse threads. In fact, they're so smooth that you can literialy seal the container airtight by turning the lid with one finger! The lid seats beautifully an rubber o-ring seal.

Lid Ratchets Into Place
What's also really cool about this fermenter bucket is the lid locks into place with a ratchet and latch design. Just screw the lid and you'll hear the ratchet. When you're ready to open the fermenter, just push in on the red lever to release and open the lid.

Handy Spigot For Siphoning
The spigot on this fermenter bucket does not drip and can attach to our 3/8" ID vinyl hose. That means your wine or beer can be siphoned into another fermenter or into bottles without ever touching air. This spigot draws away from the bottom of the fermenter, so you don't have to worry about drawing sediment.

Sure-Seal Fermenter Bucket Overall Dimensions: Total Height: 23" (with airlock), 19.5" (without airlock), Widest Diameter: 12.75".

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