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SunCal Wine Making Kit

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The SunCal Wine making kit comes with everything you need to make 5 gallons of your first batch of wine. This (KT110) home wine making kit is a collection of all the items you need to start making wine with our SunCal Concentrates and some of our best items. Our SunCal home wine making kit comes with enough ingredients that you can reuse this kit for future batches of wine. And, even more importantly, the SunCal wine making kit comes with clean, clear and concise directions that assumes you know nothing about making wine at home.

This Wine Making Kit Contains:

Complete And Specific Directions
The Art of Making Wine Book
6 Gal. Screw-Top Poly-Fermenter
Triple Scale Hydrometer
4 Feet - 3/8" Vinyl Hose
3 Pkgs. Wine Yeast
6 oz. Acid Blend
6 oz. Yeast Nutrient
2 oz. Grape Tannin
100 Campden Tablets
50 Wine Bottle Labels
30 Mushroom Corks
50 Heat Shrink Capsules
Sun-Cal Concentrate (Your Choice)

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Q Cheryl (Mentor, MN)
I am interested in purchasing the starter kit KT110. It states everything you need to get started. I see labels and corks listed but no bottles?
The kit does not come with bottles. You can recycle bottles or purchase bottles from us.

Q Ron (Conway, AR)
I am considering purchasing the SunCal wine making kit. Can I use this kit to make wine from home grown fruits, or do I have to stick with SunCal products? I am excited about starting my own home wine production, but I don`t want to buy a starter kit that would limit my options.
You can use the SunCal kit for your own fruit. You will need to purchase additional ingredients your recipe will call for such as Pectic Enzyme, Yeast Energizer, and you may want to get a fermentation bag.

Q Ral (Huber Heights, OH)
If I buy a wine making kit to make wine, can I use the equipment SunCal Wine making kit to make Home Brew in?
Yes, you can use the equipment in the SunCal kit to make beer with.
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