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Speedy Bentonite

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ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: (FIN110) Speedy Bentonite makes the wine clearer, more stable, and more drinkable sooner. Also reduces off-flavors, oxidation and post-bottling sediment. Bentonite is a clay that has the unique ability to remove fine, undesirable particles from a finished wine in a very short period of time. It does so by collecting and dragging these problem particles to the bottom with electrostatic attraction and hydrogen bonding.

MAKING THE SLURRY: Mix 2 tablespoons of Speedy Bentonite with 1 pint of boiling water in a blender. Run blender on high for 3 minutes. Then let the mixture stand for 20 minutes. The slurry is now ready.

IF NO BLENDER IS AVAILABLE: Mix 3 tablespoons of Speedy Bentonite with 1 pint of boiling water in a sauce pan. Allow the mixture to cool, then put it in a wine bottle or similar. Shake for 10 minutes and let stand over-night. Shake again before using.

USING THE SLURRY: Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of the slurry mixture for each gallon of wine. Stir vigorously while adding the slurry. Continue stirring periodically for 30 minutes. Your wine will usually clear in 6 to 12 hours, however it is best to wait several days before bottling the wine to make sure all suspended particles have settled. Once the wine has cleared, siphon it off the sediment into a clean container and it will then be ready to bottle.

MAXIMUM DOSAGE: More slurry may be necessary to clear some wines. Additional doses can be added not to exceed 4 tablespoons of slurry mix per gallon of wine.

EACH 6 OUNCE JAR: will treat 70 gallons of wine.

INGREDIENT: Bentonite (CAS 52623-66-2)

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Q John (Lewes, DE)
The bentonite I`ve used in the past, when mixed it becomes like clay. Is your Speedy Bentonite different? I would love a bentonite that is not as thick as clay.
The bentonite we sell when mixed creates a slurry like substance. It would be best described as a little thinner than newly mixed concrete.

Q Bob (Rio Verde, AZ)
I am mixing up some speedy bentonite slurry. Once the bentonite has been made into a "slurry" can the left over slurry be used later or does it have a shelf life??
It is not recommended to save the slurry for later use. Exactly how long it will last is unknown, but it is not more than a few days. It would be best to make a fresh mixture every time you plan on treating your wine.

Q Dan (Astoria, NY)
I`m uncertain as to when I should add the Bentonite solution in the wine making process.
The recommended time to add would be after the fermentation completes to aid in clarification.

Q Jane (Audubon, NJ)
I have a question about using bentonite. Is bentonite used before sweetening and stabilizing a batch of wine? Or as the last process before bottling?. Also how long does it take the bentonite to complete its process?
You would use the bentonite prior to sweetening and adding potassium sorbate. Bentonite usually will clear a wine in 2-3 days, but sometimes it can take up to a week.

Q Mike (Salt Lake City, UT)
I am confused about what appears to be conflicting information from various sources. I am making California Connoisseur Cabernet. In the instructions it says to add a packet of Bentonite at the very beginning before pitching the yeast. In your article on "FAQ" under "How Bentonite is Used", it states that bentonite should not be used until fermentation is complete? How is this reconciled?
Bentonite can be used for two purposes in winemaking. If added in a small dosage at the beginning of fermentation, it invigorates the yeast and helps the fermentation complete quicker. That is why the kit you are using is having you use it in the beginning. Speedy Bentonite is more commonly used after the fermentation in a larger dosage to clarify the wine. In the larger dosage, the purpose is to drag the yeast cells out of the wine and drop the the bottom in a form of sediment.

Q Carly (Seattle, WA)
Does Speedy Bentonite work the best in warmer or cooler temperatures?
The Speedy Bentonite performs best in cooler temperatures.

Q Colton (Bent, NM)
Before I place my order, can you tell me if your Speedy Bentonite is calcium or sodium based?
Our Speedy Bentonite is sodium based.

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