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Sodium Metabisulfite

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ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: (PS110) Sodium Bisulfite is a granulated powder that release sulfur dioxide when dissolved in a liquid. It is added in small doses directly to fresh juices 24 hour before adding yeast. This is to destroy any wild molds and bacteria that may have been on the fruit. Sodium Bisulfite is also used in stronger doses with water as an equipment sanitizer. You can use it to sanitize fermenting vessels, hydrometers, wine bottles, hoses or any other glass, metal, plastic or wood that comes into contact with your wine. Each 1/16 teaspoon of Sodium Bisulfite and will impart approximately 55 parts-per-million (p.p.m.) of sulfur dioxide (SO2) to each gallon of wine. Each gram will impart 175 p.p.m. to each gallon of liquid. Use our Campden Tablet Measurer to measure 1/16 of a teaspoon. Comes with complete directions.

TO PURIFY JUICE: Add one 1/16 teaspoon of Sodium Bisulfite per each gallon of juice, or for each 8 pounds of crushed fruit. Pre-dissolve in a small amount of water before adding to the juice. Allow the juice to ventilate in an open container for 24 yours before adding yeast. For over-ripe and potentially moldy fruits, double the dosage.

TO SANITIZE EQUIPMENT: All equipment should be cleaned with soapy water first. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of Sodium Bisulfite per each gallon of water. Also add 1/2 teaspoon of Citric Acid. Sanitize fermentation vessels by putting in 2 to 3 inches of solution in the bottom of the vessel. Seal the vessel air-tight for 20 minutes to allow the fumes from the solution to permeate the inside walls. You can also put in the vessel other equipment such as hoses, hydrometer, air-locks, rubber stoppers to be sanitized at the same time.

AT BOTTLING TIME: Add 1/16 teaspoon per each gallon of wine to preserve its color and flavor. Pre-dissolve in a small amount of the wine first. Potassium Sorbate is also recommended at this time to eliminate re-fermentation. Bottle immediately after adding.

EACH 8 OUNCE JAR: is enough treat 500 gallons of wine or must one time, or it is enough to make 32 gallons of sanitizing solution.

INGREDIENT: Anhydrous sodium bisulfite (CAS 7681-57-4) (Na2S205)

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Q Levi (Big Timber, MT)
Is the SODIUM BISULFITE that you sell 100% pure? Guaranteed?
Yes it is.
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