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R-25 Double Ratchet Fruit Press

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ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: [PR310] This Italian-made R-25 Ratchet Press is ideal for someone who makes 10, 20 or 30 gallons of wine at a time. It's a rugged, commercial-quality press that will provide you with many years of use. It can be used to press a variety of fruits, from blackberries to pears. And, it's strong enough to press the pulp all the way down to barely damp. You won't be missing a drop.

VERY EFFICIENT: The double-ratchet design provides a fast way to crank down pressure on the fruit without losing leverage. It also features a convenient, two-piece, breakaway basket that allows you to quickly remove the spent pulp between pressings.

PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT: The Ratchet Press is not a toy. It's the real thing. Made by Zambelli Enotech of Italy, a recognized world leader of winery equipment since 1888. The ratcheting head is made of cast-iron; the screw is made of solid steel stock; the collection basin is made of heavy-gauge, stamped steel; and the basket is made of premium hardwood.


  • Over all dimensions are 18-1/2" wide by 18-1/2" deep and 34-1/4" high.
  • The basket dimensions are 12" in diameter by 14" tall.
  • Maximum pulp capacity is approximately 50 pounds.
  • Each pressing will yield roughly a 3 gallons of juice, depending on the fruit being pressed.
  • The hardwood pressing plate is 1-1/4" thick and comes in 2 pieces two fit around the screw.
  • The press also comes with 6 pressing blocks to stack between the pressing plate and ratchet head.
  • Each of the 3 legs can be bolted down for maximum leverage.

Click Here To read over the directions that are provided with the Double Ratchet Fruit Press.

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Q Ken (Phoenix, AZ)
I have been considering purchasing a wine making fruit press and I am interested in your Double Ratchet R-25 model. Could you confirm that this is a general purpose press that is suitable for grapes as well as other fruits such as peaches or plums. I have read that some presses are used for grapes only and I want one that can be used for any type of fruit.
Yes, this press is very versatile and can be used for any type of fruit, from grapes to apples. Just keep in mind that all fruits have to be crushed before they can be pressed.
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