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Pressurized Wine Filter

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(FLT210) This is the nicest manual filtering system we have seen. And, it is perfect for someone filtering 5 or 10 gallons at a time. It will filter any wine to a remarkable brilliance and beauty. Has a large 3 gallon holding tank with pressurizing pump. The filter pad assembly utilizes two 9" diameter filter pads. We recommend fining your wine with Bentonite or similar before filtration, especially if you intent to use the 0.5 micron fine pads. Comes with complete and detailed directions. Shipped immediately from our stock. Pads not included.

Click Here to order filter pads for the Pressurized Filtering System.

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Q Marty (Boynton Beach, FL)
I'd like to inquire about Pressurized Filter System. Is this product designed so that I can filter my wine right into a bottle?
You can filter directly into the wine bottles, but it is not very practical. It is difficult to stop the flow of wine when moving the hose from bottle to bottle. It is much more convenient to filter the wine into another fermenter, then bottle from there.

Q Colton (Bent, NM)
Can you tell me what the Pressurized Filter System is made from?
The filter head of the Pressurized Filter System is made of ABS plastic and the holding tank is made from polyethylene plastic. Both of these materials are food grade plastic.
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