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Polar Ware: Professional 42 Qt Brew Pot / Ball-Valve Shut-Off / False Bottom / Brewmometer Dial Thermometer

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    • This brew pot can be used as a mash tun when making all-grain beer recipes.

    • It can be used for storing and conveniently distributing hot liquor when sparging full and partial grain mashes.

    • Or It can also be used for simply boiling your beer wort.

    • Includes: lid, false-bottom, Brewmometer dial thermometer and ball-valve shut-off.

    • Brew pot is made of 20 gauge, corrosion-resistant, 300 series, stainless steel.

    • Distributes heat evenly and quickly.

    • Handles are made of a heavy-duty, stainless-steel, tubular stock that are heat-resistant and do not heat up as quickly as solid handles.

    • Handles are carefully welded into place, not riveted, for solid, safe lifting and stacking.

    • The inset cover features a recessed strap handle that allows multiple brew pots to be securely stacked.

    • Very versatile. Very durable. Easy to clean.

    • Total capacity is 42 quarts. (10 1/2 gallons)

  • Brew pot itself measures 15" wide and 16" high.
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