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One Step No-Rinse Cleanser: 8 oz.

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(PS370) Requires no rinsing. Just wash in solution and you're ready. Perfect for cleaning glass bottles, jugs and carboys. Also safe for sanitizing aluminum, stainless steel, other metals and plastics. Sanitize your spoons, hoses, hydrometers and other equipment--even counter tops. Cleans with environmentally-safe oxygen. Contains no chlorine. bisulfite, organic compounds or phosphates. Use 1 tablespoon to each gallon of water. One 8 ounce jar makes 16 gallons of solution. Comes with directions.

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Q Larry (Clearwater, KS)
Can the One Step No Rinse Cleanser be used as a sanitizer?
Yes, it is both a cleanser and a sanitizer.

Q Mark (Laredo, TX)
Concerning the One Step No Rinse Cleanser, can you please tell me, after making up a gallon of cleanser, is it okay to save it for another use, or should it be poured out after first use?
You cannot save it for another use. Any left over should be discarded.
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