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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR FIRST BATCH OF HOMEMADE WINE MAKES FIVE GALLONS(KT110) This is a collection of all the items you need to start making wine with our SunCal brand concentrates. The SunCal Necessities Box contains our best items. Equipment you will use over and over again. Also, includes some additional ingredients for future batches. And most importantly, the SunCal Necessities Box comes with clean, clear, concise directions that assumes you know nothing about winemaking. These directions apply to specifically what's in front of you and leads you by the hand through the process.SUN CAL NECESSITIES BOX CONTAINS: Complete And Specific Directions First Steps In Winemaking Book 6 Gal. Screw-Top Poly-Fermenter Triple Scale Hydrometer 3 Pkgs. Wine Yeast 6 oz. Acid Blend 6 oz. Yeast Nutrient 2 oz. Grape Tannin 100 Campden Tablets 25 Wine Bottle Labels 25 Mushroom Corks 25 Heat Shrink Capsules 3' Vinyl Hose Sun-Cal Concentrate (Your Choice)Click Here To read over the directions that are provided with the SunCal Necessities Box. Click Here To see the other beginner wine kits we have to offer.
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