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Munich Malt 10°L: Briess / 1 lb.

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[GN196] This light Munich malt is great for enhancing the rich, malty flavors of any beer recipe. Its particularly effect in bringing more depth and complexity into fuller beers such as Brown Ales, Bocks or Barley Wines. Munich 10°L Malt can also be used in much smaller amounts to open up the maltiness of lighter beers: from Canadian Ales to Marzens. Besides having an incredible crisp malty flavor and aroma, it also adds a beautiful golden light amber color to these lighter homebrews. For the lightest all-grain beer recipes, use about 1/2 lbs. to 5 gallons. For the heaviest all-grain beer recipes, use up to 8 lbs. to 5 gallons.
  • Grain Type: Color
  • Approximate Lovibonds: 10°
  • Origin: United States


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