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Liquid Crystal Thermometer

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(THM210) Liquid crystal strip thermometer. Accurately reads from 39 to 97 degrees. Sticks to the outside of your fermentation vessels. Allows you to conveniently monitor the temperature of your fermentation and bulk storage vessels. Sticks to glass, plastics and metal. Responds to temperature changes very rapidly. Very helpful when fermenting your lager beers or when you are cold stabilizing your wines. Also, reads from 2 to 26 Celsius.

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Q Pam (Bessemer, AL)
Hi, I bought a few things from you recently, one of which was your Liquid Crystal Thermometer. How is it supposed to work? It doesn`t show any numbers, just two strips of black with a space between.
The thermometer will illuminate the temperature degree. If it is not illuminating, the temperature is not within the range on the liquid crystal thermometer.
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