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Lalvin Wine Yeast

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[WY210] This Lalvin Wine Yeast comes with 7 strains of yeast that are among the best available to home winemakers. They have been isolated from different regions of France and further developed by top researches for home wine making use. Each 5-gram packet contains billions of live yeast cells. Each packet has enough to ferment up to 6 gallons of wine. You can also check out our yeast strain profile chart for a further description of each strain’s characteristics.


Your package will come with the following yeast strains:

Bourgovin RC 212
Origin: Burgundy Region
This yeast is recommended for hearty red wines and also light reds where color stability is a factor. This is low foaming yeast that has a good alcohol tolerance. This yeast also produces aromas of ripe berry and fruit.

ICV D-47
Origin: Cotes-du-Rhone Region
This wine yeast is recommended for white and rose wines. It is also an excellent choice for Meads. It is low foaming and settles firmly. The yeast will enhance the wine’s mouth feel due to complex carbohydrates and has a slightly minty aroma.

Origin: Narbonne Region
This wine yeast is a perfect choice for wines that will be enjoyed while young. It is used extensively throughout the world for nouveau wines. This yeast is also well suited for blush wines, fruit wines and wines where a residual sweetness is desired.

Origin: Portugal
This yeast is ideal for white, fruity wines where a crisp, clean character is desired. Low foaming and fast fermenting. Has also been know to work in cooler temperatures.

Origin: Champagne Region
This yeast is recommended for all types of wines including sparkling, late harvest and cider. It is also an excellent choice for re-starting stuck fermentations. This yeast has a high tolerance to alcohol and is neutral in flavor. It can also be used in old-fashioned soda pops for bottle conditioning.

Origin: Montpellier Region
This yeast is recommended for all wines made from concentrate or non-grape wines produced from fresh fruits. It is a fast starting yeast and is able to adapt and ferment well in versatile situations. This yeast is low foaming and a low hydrogen sulfite (H2S) producing.

BM 4X4
Origin: Tuscany
Brings out the best in both red and white wines. Unique to BM4x4, during the growth phase this yeast blend has the capacity of releasing a significant quanitity of polyphenol-reactive polysaccharides into the fermenting must. This gives the wine great mouthfeel and improved color stability. It also brings roundness to the mouthfeel and facilitates malolactic fermentation.






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