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Kitosol 40

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Kitosol 40 is an impressive combination of kieselsol and chitosan. Both are fining agents that have become increasingly popular over the last few years in Europe, Canada and now the U.S. Kieselsol has proven itself to be very effective in clearing even the most troublesome hazes. It works by creating strong negative. The chitosan creates a positive static charge. Both promotes the clumping and the falling out of yeast, proteins and the break down of haze causing substances. Kitosol is very effective and highly recommended. Each package of Kitosol 40 contains enough kieselsol and chitosan to clear 5 or 6 gallons of wine.

Directions: Siphon wine off any sediment before using any fining agent. Gently stir into the wine the kieselsol. Then gently stir in the chitosan. Continue to stir the wine until both ingredients are evenly dispersed throughout. Allow the to clear for 3 to 5 days. Once wine has cleared, siphon off the rest of the sediment and it will then be ready to bottle.

Ingredients: Sterile water, kieselsol (CAS 7631-86-9) and chitosan (CAS 9012-76-4)

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Q Steve (Northville, MI)
While putting in a pouch of Kitosol 40 I was reading a warning on the back about the Chitosan being made from shell fish? Now I have used this several times in the past with seemingly no problem however my wife, (who is my best wine fan) is allergic to shell fish. Can you tell me if this Chitosan is removed and safe after it clears out the wine and is racked off for bottling or is it still unsafe for my wife?
This question has been addressed in Winemaker Magazine by Alison Crowe in the Jun/Jul 2008 issue. The article can currently be found at the following link The article states "from what I understand, seafood allergies derive from proteins in crustaceans and shellfish, not from materials in their shells. Chitosan is a manufactured product that is derived from chitin in the shells, a natural polymer. During the manufacturing process, the shells only (no fleshy protein bits) are used, and any protein that could possibly be clinging is removed. Chitosan is a great flocculating agent in wines. It precipitates solids and is a very efficient clearing agent - basically you add it to your wine, it gloms on to solids and then falls out of solution to the bottom of your container. If you rack cleanly enough (which means giving the solids plenty of time to settle) you should be able to leave the chitosan fining agent, plus the tannins and wine proteins it pulled out, behind in your container."
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