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Heat Shrinks Capsules Color (50)

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Our Heat Shrink Capsules (HS110) adds the perfect professional look to your finished wine bottles. These capsules shrink snug around the neck and top off your wine bottle for a nice smooth fit. They are easy to use; just place the capsule over the neck of the bottle and dip into hot water for 10 seconds and watch as the capsule shrink to the neck of the bottle. These heat shrink capsules fit almost any type of cork finished wine bottle. These will work with mushroom corks and reusable wine bottle stoppers as well. They come with complete directions and they come in your choice of 9 colors and also in clear.

Q Tom (Hudson, FL)
I am looking for info on the heat shrink capsules. Rather should I say the best way to put them on the bottle. I have tried a hair dryer. That is very slow, and the directions say to boil water and stick the bottle in the water. I can see 30 bottles of wine cracking from the heat. Also, do you sell the "heat guns" to heat the capsules to put on the bottles?
The correct way to apply the heat shrinks is to put them on the bottle and secure them with a rubber band. You then dip the end of the bottle, the part with the heat shrink, in boiling water for only a few seconds. The bottle will not crack or break. The end of the bottle will not be in the water for more than a few seconds. A hair dryer will not shrink our heat shrinks well. They will not be smooth and it takes a long time. We do not carry the heat guns.

Q Elmer (Callicoon, NY)
What are the heat shrinks made of?
The heat shrinks are made of highly shrinkable PVC plastic.
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