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FerMonster™ Wide-Mouth Carboy: 7 Gallons

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[FMN170] At 7 gallons the FerMonster™ is a large enough to be used as both a primary and secondary fermenter. Designed specifically for fermenting: wine, beer, cider, meads, even mashes for distilling. Its large, 4 inch, wide-mouth opening makes it incredibly easy to clean, pour from, and even rack out of. The larger opening also makes it easy to add late additions such as oak chips, hops, fruit bases, purees and others.

The lid has a 1-3/4" hole that can be fitted with a size #10 Rubber stopper and air-lock [not included]. The lid is made of one, solid piece and is fitted with an o-ring for a seal that is positively air-tight. An optional lid without the hole is available, but not included with this product. See Item Number [FMN192].

The FerMonster has a durable, practical design that is strong and safe to use. And, it's light-weight. The side-walls are smooth with no ribs to collect unwanted sediment during and after fermentation. The bottom is punted or beveled in the middle. This is to encourage sediment to collect together. This makes it easy to leave the sediment behind when racking. The FerMonster has 5, 6 and 7 gallon markings molded into the side for your convenience. And for you homebrewers, it handles temperatures up to 127°F.

The FerMonster is made of brilliantly clear P.E.T. that is colorless, odorless and stain-resistant. This is the same material used to make 2 liter soda bottle, only thicker P.E.T. is an oxygen-barrier plastic that will not let air pass through. This greatly reduces the risk of your batches suffering from oxidation. And just as important, P.E.T. is BPA free.

The FerMonster is also available in a 6 gallons size [FMN160].

Overall Dimensions: Height: 21-3/8", Diameter: 11-1/2".

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