Directions: Sun Cal Concentrate

5 U.S. gal. or 4-1/2 Imp. gal.  

This container of SunCal Grape Juice Concentrate 
13 containers Warm Water
6-1/2 lb. White Granulated Sugar (approx. 3 kg.)
3 oz. Acid Blend 
5 level tsp. Yeast Nutrient 
1 level tsp. Grape Tannin 
Wine Yeast  

Starting Specific Gravity: 1.075    Acid: 0.70% 



. Mix all ingredients EXCEPT wine yeast in primary fermenter. Stir to dissolve sugar.
2. Allow must to cool to 70-75 degrees F.
3. Add wine yeast. Cover with plastic and tie down.
4. Allow to ferment 5 days in primary fermenter.
5. Siphon to secondary fermenter and attach fermentation lock.
6. Rack in 2 weeks and again in 2 months. Keep fermenter topped up and fermentation lock attached.
7. When wine is stable and clear it may be bottled. The addition of an antioxidant at this time is recommended with white and rose wines. The wine may be sweetened to taste prior to bottling using sugar syrup (2 parts sugar to 1 part water). Dissolve wine stabilizer in sweetened wine to prevent renewed fermentation.
8. Age in cool dark place.

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