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ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: [PF110] The 6 Gallon Srew-Top Poly-Fermenter is perfect for both primary and secondary fermentations. It comes with an air-lock so it can be used with either the lid on or off. The lid actually screws on for a dependable, air-tight seal. It also has a faucet that is designed for racking and bottling. It draws away from the bottom so as to leave the sediment behind. Our 3/8 in vinyl hose fits over the faucet for mess-free transferring or bottling. Very handy. A handle is also provided to help with moving the Poly-Fermenter.

AIR-TIGHT SEAL: The lid utilizes a rubber O-ring for a secure and reliable air-tight fit. You'll feel the rubber actually seal each time you tighten down the lid. The threaded design makes opening and closing as easy as a simple turn of the lid. No more finger-pinching, snap-on lids whose seals can wear out after just a few uses.


  • Made of heavy, high-impact, food-grade, polyethylene. It is completely food safe.
  • Can be used for making both wine or beer.
  • The Poly-Fermenter is 17-3/4" tall with a diameter of 12-3/4" at the top and a diameter of 10-1/2" at the bottom.
  • An air-lock is included so it can be used as either a primary or secondary fermenter.
  • It comes with a faucet for mess-free transferring or bottling.
  • The convenient carrying handle makes it easy to move around.
Q Kevin (Owatonna, MN)
Can you tell me what size stopper is used on your 6 Gallon Poly Fermenter? And do you make a liner for it?
This wine making fermenter takes a size number 2 rubber stopper. And our Jumbo Size Fermentation Bag is large enough to line the entire inside of the 6 gallon fermenter.

Q John (Dixon, NM)
This fermenter has a 6 gallon capacity. Is that 6 gallons to the top or does bucket allow for foam? Also, is the spigot removable for cleaning?
This wine making container is just a little over 6 gallons, not more than a pint. And the spigot can be removed for cleaning.
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