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Buon Vino Mini Jet Wine Filter

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Buon Vino Mini Jet Wine Filter is perfect for filtering 5 to 20 gallons of wine at a time. The Mini Jet Wine Filter even filters 5 gallons of wine in about 20 minutes. This wine filter is simple to operate and has a motorized pump that is self-priming. Just turn it on! The Buon Vino Mini Jet Wine Filter utilizes three 5” by 5” square filter pads available in three different grades of coarseness. There is a built in drip tray to eliminate mess and make cleanup a breeze. This Buon Vino Mini Jet filter will filter down to the same level of clarity as larger commercial units - just in smaller volumes. This Wine Filter kit comes with all the hoses, fittings and directions you will need. This product is shipped immediately from stock. Pads are not included. Click here to order filter pads for the Mini Jet Filter System.

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Q Charlie (Oceanside, CA)
I was thinking about ordering the MiniJet Filtering System. However, I have a few questions. Does it require 3 filters each time you filter with it? Also, if using a filtering system does that mean you don`t have to wait quite as long to bottle since you are filtering out the particles?
The minijet filter system does require 3 filter pads each time you filter. 1 set of 3 pads will do about 5-6 gallons of wineUsing a filter system does not mean you don`t have to wait as long. You still have to wait until the wine is completely clear before filtering. The purpose of filtering is to add a final polish to the wine`s appearance.

Q Bill and Flo (Waltham, MA)
Does this wine filtering system pump from one carboy or fermentation bucket up and into another carboy if they are on the same level?
Yes, it does. One carboy/fermenter does not need to be higher than the other.

Q Sandy (Miles City, MT)
Is there a warranty on the MiniJet Filter System? If so, how long is it for and what does it cover?
The manufacturer provides a one year warranty. Following is the warranty information provided with the filter. BUON VINO hereby agrees that if any defect exists in the material or workmanship relating to the BUON VINO MINI Jet pump and filter for wine, within TWELVE MONTHS from the date on which the product was purchased and the product is returned to BUON VINO with freight charges prepaid, it will repair or replace the said product. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES RELATING TO THIS PRODUCT WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR USE....etc.

Q Francis (Hunlock Creek, PA)
I am interested in taking my wine appearance up a notch. When using the MIniJet Filter, do I use one each coarse, polish, and sterile or do I choose a level like coarse, polish, or sterile. Would it matter one way or the other?
The MiniJet Filter does take three pads at one time. All three pads have to be the same type (level). Most people use the polish. If you are wanting to use the sterile, you do have to filter through the polish first.

Q Tom (Fayetteville, NC)
I just purchased a MiniJet Filter with polish pads. Just to confirm when (at what stage or day), do recommend running the wine thru the filter?
It is best to filter the wine at bottling time before sweetening the wine, after the fermentation is finished and after it has completely cleared.

Q Wil (Ladysmith, WI)
I received the MiniJet Filter as a gift earlier this year. They provide all kinds of info on cleaning but nothing on properly sanitizing.
You just soak the plates and hoses in a sulfite solution. The remaining parts that are not detachable should be wiped down with the sulfite solution taking care not to get any in the motor. Do not run the sulfite solution through the filter system.

Q Bill (Glendora, NJ)
I have a Minijet Filter System Question: How many times may a set of pads be used? Should they be changed after every session of 5 gallons or more?
The wine filter pads may only be used once, they are not reusable. They should be changed after every 5-6 gallons of wine filtered or once they show signs of clogging.

Q Liz (Pensacola, FL)
I am considering purchasing this item. Can you filter directly into bottles with this unit?
No, you cannot filter directly into the bottles. You will need to filter the wine into a fermenter or carboy and bottle from there.
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