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Briess® Pure Malt Extract: Traditional Dark (3.3 lbs.)

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Produced from a big grist, this intense, malty-flavored extract is excellent for color adjustment. It does have some hints of sweetness. Ingredients: Base Malt, Caramel Malt 60L, Munich Malt, Black Malt.

About Briess CBW® Pure Malt Extract:
These are pure malt extracts that are produced right-here in the U.S.A. Each contains 3.3 pounds of extremely fresh and very full-flavored pure malt extract. You can choose from 8 different unhopped flavor styles. These malt flavors can be used individually or in blended combination to create both traditional and unique styles of beer. These malt extracts are very versatile and can be used in both all-extract and partial-mash beer recipes. They can even be used when making all-grain beers to adjust gravity, color and flavor. Produced by Briess, these pure malt extracts are considered to be "Concentrated Brewer's Wort" or CBW®s. They are produced in a brewhouse-style extraction process. Then slowly concentrated into a rich syrup. Since the 1980's, Briess has been pioneering this more-genuine form of malt extraction specifically for the homebrewing market. The result is the individual homebrewer can now get an "all-grain" flavor from an "all-extract" brew.

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