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Brewferm Beer Kits

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  • Brewferm offers a unique variety of homebrew beer kits, from a delicate Belgian White to a hefty Dark Abby beer.

  • These are extraordinary beer kits that allow you to make extremely full and complex beers with minimal effort.

  • Each 3.3 pound can produces a beer with a lot of aroma and distinctive character that is true to the Belgian style.

  • Brewferm is known for its high quality and use of 100% natural ingredients in their production.

  • They have been the leading producer of Belgian-style homebrew beer kits for over 25 years.

  • These beer kits is very simple to use.

  • Preparation is basically the same for all of them.

  • None of them require any boiling.

  • They only ingredients you will need to add is corn sugar and water.

  • The beer yeast is included.

  • Comes with complete directions.


  • CHRISTMAS BEER: 7.5% Alcohol / Makes 1.8 Gallons.
    Strong and full-bodied, Christmas beer is a brown ale with a pleasant, malty flavor and aroma. Traditionally produced before Christmas, you can make it all year around.

  • DARK ABBY: 8.0% Alcohol / Makes 2.4 Gallons.
    This is a dark brown, full-bodied Belgian beer with a rich, malty flavor. It has a fresh, grainy aroma making it a pleasure to drink.

  • DIABLO: 8.0% Alcohol / Makes 2.4 Gallons.
    Intensely golden in color, this full-boded Belgian ale has a clean malty flavor with an agreeable sweet finish. It has a mild hop bitterness with a long lasting head that is just beautiful. Full of flavor and lots of alcohol.

  • GRAND CRU: 8.0% Alcohol / Makes 2.4 Gallons.
    This is a deep, golden colored ale with an incredible amount of body. It has a slightly spicy aroma with a very full, malty flavor. There is also a light fruitiness in its finish.

  • TARWEBIER (White Beer): 5.0% Alcohol / Makes 4 Gallons.
    This Belgian blonde beer is slightly cloudy in appearance. Its flavor is refreshingly crisp. Its body is extremely light. And it touts an aroma that is bursting of wheat.

  • TRIPLE: 8.0% Alcohol / Makes 2.4 Gallons.
    This Belgian Abby beer is gold in color. It has a firm malty flavor that is smooth, but strong. Hops are plentiful and well balanced. Its aroma is slightly spicy aroma. And it has a finish with faint, herbal notes.
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