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Brewers Spring Beer Kit

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(BS110) With Brewers Spring Beer Kits all the ingredients required to brew great beer is included, even the priming sugar! But more importantly, each kit comes with simple, 3-step directions that assume you know absolutely nothing about the brewing process. Choose from 5 different homebrew ingredient kits. Each 7.5 L kit makes 6 gallons of beer. (No equipment is included)

Brewers Spring is 2 gallons of concentrated, pre-boiled beer wort. All you need to do is add water to 6 gallons and ferment. It`s that simple! Using the finest natural brewing ingredients, Brewers Spring Beer Kits are carefully formulated to ensure that an outstanding quality beer is produced each and every time.


Brewers Spring creamy Draft features a flavorsome hop character that distinguishes it from other Lagers. Refreshing and easy drinking on its own, or paired with anything grilled or barbequed.

A bright-golden, smooth refreshing beer with a crisp, clean taste. Enjoy with pizza, pasta, with tomato sauce, chicken wings and barbequed favorites.

Formulated to produce a classic light beer, with a mellow flavor and clean crisp taste. This Light style beer goes extremely well with traditional hot weather cuisine including salads, cold pastas and grilled chicken.

A sophisticated blend of malt flavors. Clean, crisp and light in color with a dry finish. This Mexican Lager is a natural match with nachos & salsa and tacos but also goes well with spicy pastas and blackened seafoods. Don`t forget the lime!

A golden Pilsner with distinctive hoppy characteristics and flowery aroma. Serve with grilled steak, seafood and grilled chicken.


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