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Black Rock Beer Kits

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At Black Rock they believe that there are no short-cuts to producing brewing malt. They have set out to make a fantastic beer with each of their recipes and create this beer in their brewery stopping just before fermentation, then they package the malt and leave the rest up to you. Black Rock’s comprehensive range allows you the opportunity to craft and create many different and exciting beer styles to enjoy yourself and also to share.
Each Black Rock Kit:
  • Weights 3.74 lbs
  • Comes with Directions
  • Fully Hopped
  • Yeast Included
  • Makes 6 US Gallons
  • Requires 2.2 lbs of Corn Sugar.


Choose From:

  • Pilsener Blonde: This is a European style dry lager with a full hop flavor. It has a deep golden color and an excellent malt flavor. 
  • Export Pilsener: A traditional Czech beer in the Pilsen style. Crisp, clear and refreshing. Gambrinus and Urquell style czech with a nice frothy finish.
  • Dry Lager: A light colored and refreshingly dry lager with a crisp, clean finish. This lightly hopped beer is the ideal beer to have on the hottest of summer days.
  • Lager: A blend of hop varieties to produce the characteristic bitterness and aroma of this refreshing Pale Golden Lager. Lager is the most widely consumed and commercially produced beers in the world.
  • Mexican Lager: A crisp refreshing lager in the truest Mexican style.  A great choice for a summer beer.  Reddish amber to copper color with a good off white head.
  • Whispering Wheat: Liquid Gold with a fruity flavor. This crisp, refreshing lively brew for those hot summer days. This Wheat is lightly hopped, and finishes with a slight sweetness from the wheat.
  • Pale Ale: A distinctive international style, golden pale ale with moderate bitterness from the selected Nelson hops.  Expect a good balance of malt and hops. Fruity esters can vary from none to moderate, and bitterness can range from lightly floral to pungent.
  • New Zealand Company Bitter: Originally brewed in England for the long voyage to New Zealand. Rich, strong and very tasty. Malty with some sweetness, pronounced hop but not over-hopped.  This is a nice well rounded beer.
  • Nut Brown Ale: A malty, deep amber colored beer with a balanced harmony of crystal malt and hops to create a notably clean taste with a malt accented flavor.
  • Bock: A robust and full flavored German style dark beer. This is a very popular style beer. Bocks aroma should be malty with a very light hop nose. The taste is rich and toasty with a bit of caramel.
  • Stout: The West Coast coal miners meal at the end of the day. Dark beer with hints of roasted barley and coffee aromas, this mildly hopped Stout is very smooth and satisfying.
  • Apple Cider: A sparkling cider with a subherb refreshing taste and light golden color.  Apples harvested from New Zealands premium orchards to produce the taste and clarity demanded by the homebrewer.



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