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Black Roasted Barley: Unmalted / Briess / 1 lb.

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[GN292] This is unmalted barley that has been extensively roasted until it reaches an extreme black color. Black Barley contributes the signature coffee flavors associated with Porters and Stouts. When used in more moderate levels it will impart a slight dry bitterness. In fuller amounts Black Barley adds coffee to charred flavors. Can add colors from dark ruby to black depending on the amount. A must for Stouts and most Porters. Can be used in slighter amounts in Scottish and Red ales. General amounts range from 2 ounces to 1.5 pounds in a 5 gallon beer recipe.

  • Grain Type: Roasted
  • Approximate Lovibonds: 485°
  • Origin: United States

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