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Beer T-Tower: 4 Faucet / Stainless-Steel

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    • This is a commercial-grade t-tower. Exceptional quality.

    • Allows you to tap from 4 different kegs at the same time.

    • This tower is the exact same quality of unit you will find in many of your neighborhood taverns.

    • It mounts to the top of your counter-top or on the top of a short refrigerator.

    • This draft beer t-tower is very quick and easy to install.

    • The bottom flange of the beer tower column simply screws to the counter through the provide screw holes.

    • A rubber gasket is included for mounting. This keeps liquids from working their way under the t-tower's column.

    • The tower column and box are completely insulated to help keep the beer cold and to help prevent the tower from sweating.

    • It comes with 4 beer lines that are already attached to the faucet shanks inside the tower.

    • Each beer line has an I.D. of 3/16" and comes with all the required fittings to fit a keg tap.

    • The faucet heads are chrome plated brass and are mounted on 3" centers.

    • Handles are included with the faucets.

    • The stainless-steel column is 3" in diameter.

  • To the top of the box is 15". This gives the faucets a clearance of 10-1/2".

This Beer Tower comes with all the fittings you will need to attach it to a commercial beer keg taps. If you plan on using this Beer Tower with Cornelius-Style Kegs instead, you will also need to purchase the appropriate liquid Quick-Disconnects to fit your kegs and hose clamps. This will allow you to attach the Beer Tower's hoses to your Cornelius-Style Kegs.
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