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Beer Shank: 6" Long

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  • A beer shank allows you to mount a beer faucet onto a refrigerator wall, refrigerator door, kitchen cabinet, etc.

  • The shank will work with both a commercial kegerator or home brew draft system.

  • On the front end of the beer shank is a standard faucet coupling for attaching your faucet head. (Not Included)

  • On the back end of the beer shank are the threads were you attach your beer nut with a tail piece. (Not Included)

  • This is a commercial-grade wall shank. No different than what your local bar uses.

  • The total length of the beer shank is 6-1/8".

  • The shank, itself, is 7/8" in diameter with a 1/4" bore for the beer to flow through.

  • The maximum wall thickness this beer shank can accommodate is 4-3/8".

  • If the beer shank is longer than you need, don't worry. All that extra metal only helps to keep your beer faucet on the outside cool.

  • Installing the beer shank is simple.

  • Just drill a 7/8" hole in the wall where you want the faucet.

  • The beer shank secures into place with the decorative black flange against the front of the wall and the compression ring against the back of the wall.
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