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Add-On Mechanical Bottle Brush

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(KTA111) Order the Mechanical Bottle Brush now along with your order for the Beermaker`s Necessities Box and pay only $25.00. That's a savings of $4.95. This offer is good only with a purchase of a Beermaker`s Necessities Box at the same time.

Rest the stationary handle on the opening of the bottle. Then push and pull the spiraled shaft through the stationary handle to make the bristles whirl around quickly within the bottle. Fits wine, beer and soda pop bottles. Bristles are made of a fine stainless steel wire and are very effective for removing scaling, beerstone and other troublesome dried deposits. Bristles are nested within the handle for easy insertion into the bottle and convenient storage. 21 inches long.

Take advantage and order as many as you like at this special reduced price. THIS SPECIAL OFFER IS GOOD ONLY WHEN ORDERING A BEERMAKER`S NECESSITIES BOX AT THE SAME TIME.

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